Guide of volunteering

Normas and activities, applicable to volunteering:

  • Volunteers will colaborate with 5 hours of work per day, 5 days a week and will have 2 days of free time per week. This could slightly change, depending on the amount of work that has to be done.
  • Volunteers have to colaborate with daily tasks of the house. This includes cooking, cleaning, taking care of the garden, etc.
  • Volunteers that are staying more than a month with the asociation will have to provide the equivalent of 850 soles per month. This contribution includes your housing in Bello Horizonte, breakfasts, lunches and diners, and transportation to Curimana when related to work for the asociacion.
  • In the case a volunteer stays less than a month, he will provide to the asociation 35 soles per day.
  • Food is praticly vegetarian and we do not accept the consumption of alcool and/or other substances.
  • Volunteers can not be absent without prior notice and only when the disponibility of the works allows it.
  • We recommend to the volunteers to bring light, confortable clothing, with long sleeves and long pant to work.

¿You want to work in the jungle taking care of animals?
You can also contact our friends from Esperanza Verde for a stay with them. They live just accross the river from us. http://www.esperanzaverdeperu.com

Thanks to Volunteer Latin America for helping us finding new volunteers.
Volunteer Latin America