As we are a small association, the economic control and status of implementation of projects are very simple. At all times we are able to provide information on the status of each project.
Means to collaborate:

  • 1. Debit.
    • You can add 10 euros per month (or the amount that you wish).
      It's as easy as passing us your bank account number. (This is the standard procedure with all charieties, as if we pass you our bank account details we then get charged comission on all payments), Contact.
  • 2. Income in bank account, There is the possibility to send money to our account using the number below, but in this way there is always a commision charge from the banks, but if you feel more comfortable this way it is not a problem !!
    • Our account number is: ES51 0049 5485 5422 1627 4026
  • 3. Teaming, Make a small donation of 1 euros per month. It is fast and easy to suscribe.
  • 4. Bitcoin

We accept individual donations of any amount.
If you have any doubts, questions or you want to become a member donating every month please contact: or our Contact form leaving your details, full name and email address, (You can write to her in English without any problems) and the amount you would like to donate monthly or as a one off payment.