The Association

We are a group of friends from different countries who have formed an association, whose purpose is to improve the living conditions of indigenous communities living in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest; more specifically in the region of Ucayali and of Padre Abad.

Imagen Since 2005, a group of friends who have regularly been travelling to the Peruvian Amazon, began to bring items such as clothing, medical supplies, minor surgical instruments, microscopes, and material that could be useful to communities in the area of the Ucayali, the river that feeds the Amazon.

By 2014 we decided to officially create the association "Comunidades indigenas" which translates to "indigenous Communities", to optimize resources and develop a small project that, year after year, would assist the indigenous people in improving their living conditions.

Presently, our project is located in the Community of Bello Horizonte, province of Padre Abad, on the banks of the Aguaytia river at the heart of the Peruvian jungle.

Imagen We have built houses for volonteers and members of the Association in this same area, on land donated by Don José Campos.

It has become a retreat centre that welcomes anyone who feels the need to spend "soul time" in communion with nature helping out in our ventures while at the same time helping themselves.

Resumé of the year 2015:

  • + Creation of a "ludoteca" (playing area) at the Bilingual Institute of YarinaCocha.(Pucallpa).
  • + Creation of a dining area at the same Institute for 250 children.
  • + Donation of the land by Don José Campos in the Caserio (Hamlet) Bello Horizonte, district of Curimana at the heart of the Amazonian jungle.
  • + Beginning of the construction of the first volunteer house.

Resumé of the year 2016:

  • + First edition of the "Vacaciones Utiles" (Useful Holidays: Organised activities for the children during their school holidays).
  • + Construction of the second volunteer house.
  • + English classes at the primary and secondary level at the education centre.
  • + English classes for adults.
  • + Donation/adquisition of audio visual materials.
  • + Donation of various viewing material: Documentaries, television series, popular films, etc...
  • + First edition of the popular cinema.
  • + Construction of the third volunteer house.
  • + Donation of more than 150 books in English and Spanish for the library.

Resumé of 2017:

  • + Nomination of Timofey Zakirow as an Honorary Member for his generous disinterested contribution that enabled the initiation of our projects.
  • + Set-up of the volunteer houses in order to accommodate up to 9 people.
  • + Running water and a pressure shower installed.
  • + Dry toilet installed.
  • + Landscaping of the private gardens.
  • + Lounge area created.
  • + First Bello Horizonte film festival.
  • + Volunteer nurse help to the medical centre.
  • + Second edition of the Useful Holidays for the children.
  • + After school classes offered in different subjects.
  • + Assistance with bureaucratic procedures of various needs... (Electrical installation, first farming, photocopies...)
  • + Photos of the children at the educational centre free of charge for their diplomas.
  • + Donation of a cutlery and plates for the school's dining facilities.
  • + English classes at the educational centre.

  • Our immediate goals are:

    Once the basics are established...

    As we continue to collaborate with the ongoing initiaves, our focus will be shifting to new endeavours:

    + Creation of an organic garden at the educational centre.

    + Initiating a plastic recycling program. (As of now, no program has been set up)

    We also have other much more ambitious ventures but for now we would like to share our *Star Project*


    The jungle is being destroyed and few projects come to her rescue. This is why we wish with our deepest commitment to plant ONE MILLION TREES in the span of 5-6 years.

    We wish to share with the neighbouring communities how to care for the trees, how to love and protect them.

    For this, we invite you to come and put your hands in the earth to help us and the jungle. There is absolutely no doubt that you will feel amazing as you participate in your unique way in this most extraordinary adventure!!!

    We are at the moment designing the nursey plans and soon we shall be ready to begin.

    Stay tuned for upcoming ventures!.